Upgrade Issue – There Are Materialized View Refreshes In Progress

Materialized View Refreshes Are In Progress - Solution

I was doing an Oracle database 11g release 2 upgrade for a client at the weekend. As part of this process there is a pre-upgrade script you have to run called “utlu112i.sql”. When I ran the script, I got a warning message saying: WARNING: –> There are materialized view refreshes in progress… Ensure all materialized … Read more

Excessive Deletes From SMON_SCN_TIME

Excessive Deletes From SMON_SCN_TIME Error

I got a support call late last Friday afternoon (why do most call seem to come on a Friday afternoon just before you finish for the weekend?) about bad performance on one of our applications we host for a customer.

When I logged into the server and took a look at what it was doing, the CPU was getting hammered by the Oracle SMON process.