The Oracle Job Scheduler

Oracle Job Scheduler

Despite the fact that the Oracle job scheduler was introduced back in the 10g version of the database, it seems a lot of people are still using the old job scheduling mechanism – DBMS_JOBS. This is despite the many advantages the job scheduler has in terms of both functionality and ease of use. This article … Read more

Oracle Create Database Link Command

Oracle Create Database Link

If you’ve got two Oracle databases and you want to query the data from one database whilst connected to the other one, you can create a database link between the two. Executing the ‘CREATE DATABASE LINK’ command in the first database will create a schema object in it which allows you to access objects/data in the … Read more

Oracle Memory Structures – Oracle DBA 101

Oracle Training - Oracle Memory Structures

As described in the first article in this Oracle DBA 101 series (which you can read here), an Oracle instance consists of the background processes and the Oracle memory structures used when the database is running. In this article, we’ll go into more detail about the memory structures. The Oracle Memory Structures There are two … Read more

Oracle Training – What Is An Oracle Database?

Oracle Training - DBA 101 Part 1

If you asked a selection of people, “What is an Oracle database?” you’d probably get a range of answers as there is some confusion about what exactly it is and people often mix up their terminology. Oracle Database Tutorial In this article, the first in a series of introductory Oracle training articles that will eventually … Read more