ORA-28001 The Password Has Expired

ORA-28001 The Password Has Expired Error

One error that shows its head a lot and always seems to confuse a lot of people is the “ORA-28001 The Password Has Expired” error. Starting with Oracle database 10g, if you do a default database installation then all passwords will default to expiring within 180 days. So what a lot of people find is … Read more

ORA-00600 [kdsgrp1] In Database Alert Log

ORA-00600 [kdsgrp1] Error

ORA-00600 [kdsgrp1] One of my clients has a database job that runs weekly┬áin the early hours of the morning. I have a cron job configured on their server to check the database alert log for errors on a regular basis and email me with any that it finds. This morning when I checked my emails … Read more

Oracle 12c Datapump Segmentation Error

Oracle 12c Datapump Segmentation Error

I was recently working for a client who has just done a new install of the Oracle 12c database. While attempting to import data into their new database using datapump, they got a segmentation error as follows: oracle:/u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/bin: impdp Import: Release – Production on Fri May 15 10:17:32 2015 Copyright (c) 1982, 2014, Oracle … Read more

Upgrade Issue – There Are Materialized View Refreshes In Progress

Materialized View Refreshes Are In Progress - Solution

I was doing an Oracle database 11g release 2 upgrade for a client at the weekend. As part of this process there is a pre-upgrade script you have to run called “utlu112i.sql”. When I ran the script, I got a warning message saying: WARNING: –> There are materialized view refreshes in progress… Ensure all materialized … Read more

Oracle Memory Structures – Oracle DBA 101

Oracle Training - Oracle Memory Structures

As described in the first article in this Oracle DBA 101 series (which you can read here), an Oracle instance consists of the background processes and the Oracle memory structures used when the database is running. In this article, we’ll go into more detail about the memory structures. The Oracle Memory Structures There are two … Read more

Oracle Interview Questions And Answers

Oracle Interview Questions And Answers For DBA

Whether you’re just starting out on your Oracle DBA career or you’re an experienced DBA looking to switch jobs, you’re going to have to face interviews where you’ll be asked technical DBA questions as well as the usual “Tell us about yourself” type interview questions. List Of Oracle DBA Interview Questions And Answers To help … Read more

Oracle Training – What Is An Oracle Database?

Oracle Training - DBA 101 Part 1

If you asked a selection of people, “What is an Oracle database?” you’d probably get a range of answers as there is some confusion about what exactly it is and people often mix up their terminology. Oracle Database Tutorial In this article, the first in a series of introductory Oracle training articles that will eventually … Read more

Excessive Deletes From SMON_SCN_TIME

Excessive Deletes From SMON_SCN_TIME Error

I got a support call late last Friday afternoon (why do most call seem to come on a Friday afternoon just before you finish for the weekend?) about bad performance on one of our applications we host for a customer.

When I logged into the server and took a look at what it was doing, the CPU was getting hammered by the Oracle SMON process.